18 hours in Bora Bora!

Ilot lagon

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Welcome to the island of the rich and famous!

Living amongst the rich and famous – We fit in well

We knew we had to stop off in Bora Bora whilst we were in French Polynesia. The island is even more famous than Tahiti to us Brits and the Americans and the ultimate honeymoon destination for many. The island is 30km around and surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and barrier reef. When we initially booked our flight to Bora Bora we chose to stay one night only because of the exorbitant prices of the hotels. Our budget didn’t really cater for the Four Seasons, Hilton, Sofitel, and Intercontinental hotels. For one night we were hoping we could camp in someone’s back yard or find a reasonable pension B&B. We also tried our luck at couchsurfing which actually amazingly worked for once! A young French couple got back to us and offered us a room for free for the night!


The best pizza of our trip

5* restaurant

When we arrived in Bora Bora we took a free boat navette to the main island. Unless you are staying at the 5* resorts on an atoll all the riff raff take this boat. We arrived at the quay and were picked up by the generous French couple. They drove us to their house the other side of the island before leaving straight away for a work party. A little lost because it was dark and we had no idea where we were, we wanted to get some food. There were no street lights, dogs everywhere and no snack bar in sight. We asked a local family sitting on their terrace where we could get some food and if they could direct us. There was nowhere to eat for about 5kms. Booooooo we turned back towards the house when the family called out to us and offered to take us to the pizza place!!! Shocked at their kindness and then making sure we weren’t interrupting of disturbing them in any way we jumped into the back of their pick up and they drove us 15 minutes to the Pizzeria. They waited for us to order and collect the pizza (30minutes +) then drove us home. I love Polynesians! We’d be told the locals on Bora were very different and less friendly than those on the other Society Islands but we thought they were amazing.

Soph bike

Time for our road trip!

Tour de l’ile

The next morning we left early, although we wanted to socialise with our hosts they came home really late and were still in bed at 8am. Our flight to Maupti was at 3pm with the navette boat leaving the quay at 1:50pm. We wanted to see the island! We left a note and started walking in the direction of the bicycle hire 5km away! Hitchhiking didn’t seem to work again in Bora but it was a Sunday (the weekends are not good days to hitchhike.) Instead we walked and walked and eventually found the bike rental.

Four seasons

Four Seasons – Unfortunately not in our budget!

Sign post

Where to go next?

Hello sunshine, we’ve been looking for you!

Oh and did I say the sun was shining!!!!!! We’d almost forgot what that looked like! Beautiful blue skies with the odd cloud! We rented the bikes for the morning and had to cycle hard and fast to get all the way round the island, stopping to take photos before potentially walking 5km back to our hosts house then drive to the Quay to catch the navette. Go, go, go!

Selfie morning


JM velo

Just cruising

Our cycle ride was brilliant. We were happy to see the main island remained relatively local and it was just the beautiful, private motus that the super rich and famous stayed and explored. The lagoon was stunning, the mountains green and there was no one as we cycled around. We finished the island cycle easily with time for a quick dip in the sea at the only public beach on the island, Matira. The day continued well and we managed to hitchhike half way back home.



Montagne Bora

Next time we are hiking that bad boy!

Bora Bora is stunning but it’s not worth all the hype. All the other Polynesian islands are just as nice if not better. It was fun to see ‘THE’ Bora Bora and we had a great 20 hours on the island.

Navette Bateau

Airport shuttle boat

JM Bora

From the landing piste of the airport!

Soph Bora

Ciao et merci

Selfie aeroport

Next destination Maupiti!

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  1. AvatarMike strong

    Hi the colours are stunning! And you two must be some of the fittest guys around! All the walking, climbing, swimming,etc.etc.

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