Packing for a whole year…. Uh OH!

How to pack for a year?

After reading and researching what felt like a billions blogs, we put together a list of what we initially thought would be essential to take on our world trip. The end result, a list as long as our arms and the dreaded thought of having to lug it all around for a year!

I have to admit I became a little obsessed by it all and spent hours researching equipment and clothes, trying to locate great deals and prices to save some pennies. "Starving" piggy bankWe had a reckie weekend to try on clothes and find the right sizes the week before the summer sales in France and if we decided to purchase anything online we knew the correct size and make we wanted.

Typically almost nothing we wanted was on sale and if it was it was only 5% off. We ended up buying most of our kit on Amazon – much cheaper than on the high street and they almost always had exactly what we wanted. Our post lady got to know us very well!!

During a family weekend in Paris we popped into a large Intersport to buy a birthday present. We hit the jackpot, huge sale for hiking equipment and clothes. Icebreaker-Block-Logo50% off icebreaker clothing, walking trousers, socks, etc. All at incredible prices and much less than what we had already purchased on Amazon. We decided to buy the whole lot again and return what we originally bought online. We totalled up the prices and saved over 100 euros in Intersport!
One of our big dilemmas was do we go for those super sexy zip off walking trousers that become shorts?? Although not the most stylish, we personally think its genius for people like us wanting shorts and trousers but don’t really want to take both. The problem with these ‘sexy’ trousers is the sizing. crocsThe shorts are either too short, too tight, the trousers are too short, the shorts are now the perfect size and length but now the waist is too big. We could never find any that fitted us comfortably enough that we would want to wear either the short or trouser options all the time. We were about to resort to taking the trousers and shorts separately.

Eventually we found a pair each fitting us almost perfectly when in both trouser or short form and both in the sale in Intersport. Bonus!

In the end clothes wise, we invested in a couple of good quality merino icebreaker t-shirts and thermal tops and a pair of sexy zip-off trousers each.


We knew that if we needed anything else we were likely to be able to find it easily on our travels anyway.

For everyday clothes we took what we already had. Since the majority of our travels are during the summer seasons, and having lived in Toulon where the sun shines for ¾ of the year, we have just taken the same 3 t-shirts and shorts we wear all summer long in the South of France.

By the beginning of August we had everything and had already started wearing our technical t-shirts every other weekend when hiking along with our walking shoes and socks. We are really really pleased with our purchases.

Here are some pics of what we are taking on our travels.



My Stuff – Although i cut down on clothes after i attempted to pack for the 3rd time!!


JM’s Stuff – It looks a lot but compression sacks are our best friends!!

Médicaments sans boite

Medical supplies for a year…..

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