Hello! We are Jean-Maxime and Sophie. Partners in crime since October 2008!

voilà ce qui se passe quand on décide de partir en tour du monde!

Unfortunately there is no romantic story on how we met. We worked together on a survey vessel in the middle of the North Sea where I spent most of the trip in my cabin being sea sick and Jean-Max working the night shift. We eventually spent some time during Port calls getting to know each other and what awful tastes we both have in movies and television shows.After two offshore trips away, we never worked together again. We kept in touch and the rest is history.

Bar norvégien Mer du Nord

Meeting in the North Sea. First photo ever together!

C'est sur ce bateau que tout a commencé

After a year and a half of both of us living on boats around the world, or between England and France we decided to take the leap and move to the South of France. I left my job in Southampton to go freelance as a Marine Scientist and Jean-Max continued as an offshore surveyor.

5 years later and suffering from a severe case of itchy feet, (I am still freelancing offshore and Jean-Max working as an Oceanographic Navigation Software Engineer locally (GEEK!)) We have decided to leave and embark on the trip of a lifetime around the world!
A bit more about us…….

What makes us similar?

We both believe you should live your life to the fullest and if you have dreams, aspirations, goals, go for it!  And we both love crepes!!

Ensemble on est toujours contents

What makes us different?

Sophie says: “Everything happens for a reason….”
Jean-Max says: “It happens because of stupid people….”

Meet Jean-Maxime/Jean-Max/J-Max/JM/Cinou/Tonton

31 year old, oceanographer, born and bred in Paris/Palaiseau!

Jamais sans ma casquette

  • Jean-max’s best traits (according to Sophie)   Perseveres with anything that’s not going right.

Caring. (Incredible family man and boyfriend!)

  • Jean-Max’s worst traits (according to Sophie)

Hopeless at finding things.
Washing up the easiest cleanest things then leaving the most difficult disgusting dishes to clean themselves (with a little help from Sophie!!)
A bit moany but he is French 😉

  • Favourite Country visited before trip
  • Favourite City visited before trip
    Sydney, San Sebastian (Euskadi)
  • Most excited about
    Not having a routine
  • Most apprehensive about
    Belly ache
  • Miss the most
    Family, Kitesurfing Kit, our goldfish Gonzalez
  • Dream goal whilst travelling
    To see a big day from the channel at Teahupo’o, Tahiti
Meet Sophie/Soph/Freckles/Rinks

29 year old, Oceanographer, born and bred in Letchworth, England

Déjà comme un poisson dans l'eau...

  • Sophie’s best traits/habits (according to Jean-Max) Makes everyone around her happy with her smile and bonne humeur.
  • Sophie’s worst traits/habits (according to Jean-Max) Dropping her iPhone on the floor all the time because she’s not paying attention. Always searching for and trying to squeeze her boyfriend’s spots!! She leaves the lights on everywhere.
  • Favourite Country visited before trip
  • Favourite City visited before trip
  • Most excited about
    Meeting new people, new cultures and new landscapes.
  • Most apprehensive about
    Jean-Max’s belly ache!! Keeping to a budget and not having everything planned!
  • Miss the most
    Family and my bed!
  • Dream goal whilst travelling
    To dive with manta rays

 Havin fun as always

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