Palawan – Last stop San Vicente

sunset san v 2

san v waiting crossing

Off the beaten track


Playing the waiting game

jm jeepney

We decided to leave El Nido for San Vicente, a village north of Port Barton. We had skipped it on the way up because we wanted to get to Coron and it wasn’t simple to get to. San Vicente is famous for its 9 mile golden sandy beach, the second longest beach in Asia.


Our home for the next few days

longest beach north

Longest deserted beach

longest beach south

We arrived and felt like we were in a lady boy village. There were a lot. they were incredibly friendly and welcoming. We ate at a really yummy cheap restaurant, Nipa Huts Haus, before heading to find a room. Within 100m walking distance from the restaurant we found Picardel Lodge. We were greeted by a lovely helpful family and shown a simple, clean, basic and comfortable room for only 500pesos, £8ish. They had everything we needed. We ended up spending 4 nights in the town. We loved it, we felt like the only tourists. We spent our days walking and exploring, blogging and eating great food. Each night we end up at the Peace and Love Hotel on the cliffs overlooking the bay. They served cheap, delicious cocktails (at happy hour!), incredible pizzas and live music every night.

san v rod

Being a clown

soph airport

Always wanted to stand in the middle of a runway!

jm airport

soph boubou

So hot! Literally! 😉

sunset san v 1

Stunning San Vicente sunsets


The busy university


Not a successful catch by the locals – Jellyfish

fishermen boat


Nets pulled in by hand

hdr beach done

Abstract style

It was a good way to finish our Philippines trip in San V. We managed to sort out a lot of things – Plan our NZ trip, organise some van viewings in Christchurch, we wrote some blog posts that we were almost 8 weeks behind with and I even managed to get a 72p dry haircut at the lady boy hair salon.

jetty san v

The jetty San V

kids san v

Cutest local kids

We returned to Puerto Princesa for our flight to Manila and felt very ready for our NZ adventure. Before that we had a 12 hour stopover in Sydney to catch up with some great friends!

san vicente main road

Waiting for the next adventure

Our South East Asia journey had come to an end! A rollercoaster but the best 4 months of our lives. We loved it!!!! Now Oceania!

long beach selfie



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