New Year in Anda

anda cute girls

Bohol just gets better and better!

We’d seen on a few blogs that people who’d visited Anda in Bohol really enjoyed their time there. We decided to go check it out for a few days and spend New Year there.

Getting around Bohol was very easy. The bus service was good (although a little expensive) and we arrived in Anda with no problems. We took the advice of a couple we’d met in Loboc and stayed in the town which was much cheaper than staying at the beach side resorts. We ended up staying 3 nights.

anda baseball group

The local kids at baseball practice

anda baseball batter

Fun in the sun

Our first full day was New Year’s Eve. We hired a scooter and went exploring. Our first task of the day however, was getting some money. We had enough for the 3 days but we found some Freixenet, my favourite cheap Spanish sparkling wine in a tiny hotel by the beach. Yes it was expensive, 14 euros, but it was New Year’s Eve and it would be our(my!) treat for the occasion. If we wanted Freixenet we needed money! We’d been told the next town to Anda night have an ATM for foreign cards. We went there first – no International cards accepted! We were then told that the port of Ubay on the north coast of Bohol definitely had a bank accepting international cards – 1 hour of scooter later – Offline. The machine didn’t work and the 10 others waiting didn’t help the situation. There was only one machine in the whole town that took international cards and it didn’t work. Pretty pissed off at this point, hot and bothered and we hadn’t even begun to do what we wanted to do for the day, we gave up on the money searching. The only other option was to drive an hour and a half to Jagna on the south coast! We definitely weren’t going to be doing that now! We took a time out, took some deep breathes and went in the direction of the Can-umantad Falls and rice terraces near Candijay.

Time to explore!
road to canawa

Is this really the road?

As usual we never pick the easy route. By that I mean, most people would follow the easy roads and signs from the south, the normal and expected route. We however, were coming from the north. All we had with us was and what the locals told us. After an hour and a half on dirt tracks in the middle of nowhere we saw the waterfall! At last! We were about to give up we didn’t really feel like we were going the right way and the sun was really starting to beat down. We found a small track leading down to it. We didn’t quite understand how it was advertised as a great tourist attraction with roads the way they were. We weren’t complaining just a little confused. We had to stop half way down the track because the road and path just stopped……. The rest we walked.

canawa falls

Ta Dah! Can-umantad Falls!

We arrived to a deserted waterfall all kitted out ready for 100s of tourists. Seating areas, toilets and signs directing you everywhere, but there was absolutely no-one. The waterfall was stunning! The most spectacular setting we have seen in the Philippines and our whole trip. It was in its own amphitheatre and 60ft high! Oh and did I already say absolutely NOONE!?!

jm canawa falls

sophie canawa falls

After a nice relaxing and rewarding dip we continued back up the track where just around the corner the countryside opened up into beautiful rice terraces. Oh and that’s where we finally found the ‘normal’ road! The road that most normal people would take! There was also a proper entrance and staircase down to the waterfall, not a steep dirt path like we took – Oh and an entrance fee which we missed!

canawa view point panorama

canawa view

rice fields road

We took some photos of the beautiful rice terraces and the workers in the field waving from a far. A beautiful area to visit and definitely a must if anyone wants to see the real Bohol.

panorama jagna

soph and jm scooter selfie

It was bound to happen eventually!

The day had felt really long already, what with the issue of getting money out in Ubay, and the difficult roads to the waterfall. The day decided to throw us another problem. This time in the form of a puncture, something we had luckily avoided for months. We were cruising down a very, nice, ‘normal’ road when bang! Puncture. Crap! We knew we were not too far from the main road where we could find a local garage easily but it was still probably over a kilometre away. I got off and let JM slowly roll down the hill (luckily for us!) I walked thinking that by the time I arrive at the main road it might be fixed. 10 minutes later a lovely old couple offered me a lift on their scooter. Squidged between the two of them we rolled down the hill and caught up with JM. As we arrived at the end of the road – Voila! A garage. 15 minutes later – Voila! All fixed. Only 2 euros poorer. It’s easy in this country. We are just so thankful for the hill to roll down, and that it didn’t happen in the middle of nowhere like earlier in the day!

puncture tyre

JM looking a little happier than 5 minutes before!

After a long day we decided – let’s do it! Let’s go to Jagna and get some money! It’s New Year’s Eve after all. Time for celebrations and sparkling wine.

scooter loboc

We put our foot down and drove and drove. It seemed never ending and so far away. The thought that we could have the same problem as in Ubay didn’t excite us too much. We arrived windswept and a little burnt and we finally got some money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so relieved and we took our time heading back home slowly.

As soon as we arrived in Anda we asked around to see if anything was happening for New Year. It didn’t seem like much was. We saw a poster for a party at a resort called One Peace, about 15 minutes away on a scooter. We decided to check the venue out before we went all that way later for nothing. We arrived to a gorgeous spot, a backpacker’s hostel run by a Finnish couple and French guy. We’d never heard of the place and didn’t see anything advertised on the internet but we got the impression they prefer the walk-in travellers than bookings. It just keeps the place a little quieter apparently. The Finnish manager was lovely and very welcoming and explained the set up for the evening. There was going to be a French DJ too – One thing I love in France is a good French DJ set at a party. Hopefully it would be good so we decided we’d definitely go and agreed we’d come back later.

church anda

Beautiful church in Anda

In the meantime we went to the beach and watched 100s of Filipinos enjoying themselves on holiday on the beach ready for a great 2016. The local beach in our opinion was one of the prettiest in Bohol.

Beach Anda

Anda beach!!! (obviously not during a busy evening!)

Goodbye 2015!

For New Year’s Eve we put on some clean clothes, special occasion and all that. I even put on mascara for the first time in 3 months and we went in search of that famous bottle of Frexienet. Freixenet and fish and chips in fact, a dinner for champions. We were on our own, no one else in the restaurant or anywhere in fact. The town felt rather dead.

new years eve dinner




At around 9pm we headed to One Peace to find a total of 10-14 people!! Eek! There was a big DJ set with only 10 people to play to. Everyone was just eating and it was pretty deserted. Oh well. We had a beer, chatted to some of the travellers staying there and basically just waited for midnight. The DJ set = Awful. The DJ was very nice but the music sucked! Never mind. The others seemed to enjoy it though. It was great to meet new people especially because we hadn’t come across many in the last few days. Midnight came and went, celebrated with a shot of Finnish Vodka. Yuk. We left soon after and arrived back at our guesthouse for a great night sleep after a very very long day and the fact that most of this year 2016 we would be travelling the world!!!! It’s going to be a great year!!!

Hello 2016!
NYE party

Happy New Year! Bring on 2016!

New Year’s Day we woke early to call our family who were just bringing in the New Year in Europe. Again we called the Jardin family who were pleasantly tipsy again after hours of eating amazing food. When calling my family we timed it perfectly to see the incredible London fireworks through facetime. Not at all homesick this time after talking to them, we headed out for a delicious breakfast on the beach and then went exploring the other beaches where all the resorts were. We walked and walked and walked. The beaches just seemed never ending. We went snorkelling but we’d seen better, apparently if we swam further out it gets really good. We ate a small lunch at a resort along the way to keep us going and not to spoil our apetite for our seafood dinner we had pre-ordered night before for News Years Day night.

New Year Breakfast 2016

01/01/16 Morning Breakfast

New Year day at the beach seemed like the thing to do in Anda. Oh and getting married, there was a beautiful local wedding taking place on it. It was absolutely heaving with Filipinos on holiday, Swimming, eating and drinking and just being happy!

anda girls

Anda girls

motto tricycle

Anda spirit

We headed to Coco Loco café on our last night in Anda for our special seafood dinner. A treat we were giving to ourselves. It was OK. Not the best. 3 tiny fish and a hell of a lot of little shrimps but it made a change anyway. A fun evening to finish in Bohol.


Relaxing Anda

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