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Why not!?………

If you want to do something in your life that you’ve always dreamt of doing…….. Just do it!

Why now?!…..

We both found over the last few years that work was getting us really down and we lacked motivation in our careers. We needed some time out from Toulon, from France and from work. We had no strings attached – no mortgage, no kids, no pets (except Gonzales the gold fish), no loans, nothing except a huge desire to take time out of our routine lives and go travel the world together for a while.

We decided approximately a year in advance, summer 2014, that we were definitely going to do this trip. We worked hard…..ish, saved hard, took a few short holidays, no date nights at restaurants, drove slower on the roads (I did anyway!), tried to avoid the motorway tolls, we stopped the heating in winter and wore all our clothes instead!! and finally any chance we had to find bargains and use discount codes and vouchers we did. Every little helped!!

"Starving" piggy bank

Preparations started properly 6 months later when we began organising our round the world flights and itinerary- Finalised and booked in June 2015, departing September 27th 2015.

To find out more check out our preparation articles.

Let the trip of a lifetime travelling the world begin!


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